About the Project


The "Cloyd Chapel" has been a landmark in Red Boiling Springs since the early 1900's. Currently owned by the Cole Family shortly after they purchased The Thomas House. The Church,has sat vacant for years and has been used for storage and for private events hosted by Ghost Hunt Weekends at the Thomas House.

The location has been one of the highlights of the events as guests get to explore the Church in the dark with the Crew using a variety of paranormal recording devices.

Over the past year the Church has started to really show it's age with leaning walls, cracks in the floor and ceiling, leaking roof and more. Most recently, a large hole opened up in the ceiling and has caused water damage including parts of the ceiling to fall in.

A deal was made with the Cole Family and GHW Owner, Chad Morin, along with Co-Author of the Thomas House Book, Kyl Cobb to lead a restoration project to save the Church and to preserve it for future generations.

Chad Morin, is Owner of Ghost Hunt Weekends and is a Co-Author of the Book, The History and Hauntings of the Thomas House Hotel along with Historical Researcher, Kyl Cobb.

The Cloyd Church Restoration Project will be broken down in 4 phases and estimated cost is around $10,000.00.

The first phase will be the removal and demolition of the side building that is attached to the original Church structure. The roof and floor have completely rotted through and is pulling the original building down with it. Several dumpsters and a demo crew will be hired to remove the side building that once served as offices, a kitchen, restrooms and a day-care.

The second phase will be the replacement of the roof with new felt and paper, replacing wood and then covering the entire roof with tin sheets. This should last at least 20+ more years.

Phase 3 will be structure leveling and support reinforcements through out the Church.

The final phase will be cosmetic touches to the inside and outside, including painting, cleaning out the inside, acquiring bench pews and making it look more like a Church from it's glory days.

There will be smaller projects of course in between each phase, but this is the general outline. After all is completed, a ribbon cutting ceremony and the unveiling of a commemorative plaque with the names of all who contributed in the restoration, during a Media Day.

Please consider helping us with a pledge of any amount. Every dollar counts and 100% of everything raised goes to the preservation and restoration. Your name or memorandum will be added to the plaque as a thank you.